Do you have a passion for beauty? Want a rewarding career that ignites your creativity?

A career in hairstyling is for you!

Purple haze Academy  is one of the faster growing beauty academy in  the beauty industry.  With our innovative hairstyling program, we bring the industry expertise, exceptional professionalism and hands-on style that has become a Purple haze Academy  trademark. Our students benefit from our state of the art facilities, learning the fundamental skills of hairstyling along with more advanced hair artistry principles. With passionate instructors and a cutting-edge curriculum, our students learn advanced hair artistry through a combination of practical work and exciting projects.

A strong focus on practical skills means that our students get to work in our sleek and modern salon – so they gain real experience working on clients in a high end salon setting. Our signature communication series develops the outstanding customer service and teamwork skills that allow our graduates to excel in the industry. When they graduate, our students are well-prepared for successful careers and ready to thrive in this creative and rewarding industry.


  • Purple haze Academy graduates are renowned for being well prepared to meet the challenging work place on day one.
  • Comprehensive and up to date programs
  • Learn and work with the latest beauty equipment and prestigious skin care lines
  • Curriculum well above industry standards
  • Professional and highly competent instructors
  • Gain hands on practical experience in our  spa clinic
  • A strong focus on customer service, communication, spa management and professional development
  • Be taught in a personal and focused learning environment