Full body massage services are regarded as perfect remedies to overcome the stress which is caused by modern life. Full Body Massage is soothing and opens the door for bliss.

What are the Benefits of Body Massage
Massage is one therapy that has universal acceptance in terms of its benefits. Western system of medicine, Indian Ayurveda, Chinese medicine all have unanimously extolled its benefits. Methods and practices differ widely but each system has its proven benefits. Massage has a history of being used for thousands of year. It is truly the ancient answer to modern illnesses.
1) Blood Circulation
By massaging and rubbing the skin muscles and organs it stimulates the blood flow. Blood is the essence of life. It delivers oxygen nutrients and thus vitality and energy to the whole body. Then it collects carbon dioxide and other wastes and purifies the body. Slow blood circulation makes fatty acids clog blood vessels. Most of us today lead very sedentary lives hence the importance of a good massage.
2) Lymph Drainage
The lymphatic system is a network of vessels that carry clear fluid called lymph. The lymph carries white blood cells and antigens and kills pathogens and carries dead cells and toxins from cells. It strengthens the immune system. Most of the lymph vessels are located under the skin . To stimulate the lymphatic system we need slow light gentle massage strokes. Heavy strokes will bypass this system.
3) Relieves Headaches
The most common cause of headaches is muscle tension. By relaxing the muscles by massage the headaches are automatically relieved.
4) Reduces Stress levels and promotes well being
Massage stimulates the production of the following chemicals:
a) Dopamine enhances mood and increases joy, inspiration enthusiasm.
b) Serotonin promotes a calming effect reduces irritability.
c) Endorphins which reduce swelling pain.
d)Reduces level of cortisol which causes stress.